Delicious flavors with a super mix benefit of 1:11

Forest Fruit

Financial Benefits

Orange Mango

Mixing ratio of 1:11


A favorite flavor for everyone

With the Cool Bear jerrycans you can enjoy two different types of Cool Bear lemonade. The five-liter jerrycans are available in the flavors Orange-Mango and Forest Fruits and make up for 55 liters of lemonade. Delicious flavors and blend (1:11) without any artificial sweeteners which offers a very good financial benefit. A really smart choice. Perfect for in the sports cafeterias, playgrounds, day care centers and more...

Cool Bear lemonade is not only beary-delicious but also a pure and responsible choice. All our products are made with love and you can taste this!

Natural sugar free without the use of any artificial sweeteners; aspartame, sucralose, acesulfane-K, cyclamate. That means also no colorants and thickeners. It’s pure and good.