Our Fruity spring water drink

Only the very best for our children!

Blackcurrant Apple

Pure Goodness

Fruitdrink Blackcurrant Apple


Less than 1 yummy calorie per carton!

Fruitdrink Raspberry

Perfect to bring to school, sports or an outing

Cool Bear® Fruit Drink is a delicious and responsible drink carton that you can put in your kid's school travel or sports-bag, with a good feeling. Cool Bear® only wants the very best for our children, therefore Cool Bear® only used the best ingredients nature has to offer! The fruit drink is a delicious and honest product, because honesty makes things yummy! The fruit drink does not contain added sugars, aspartame, or other artificial sweeteners so its 100% natural! All of this with not more than 1 calorie and 1 g carbohydrates per carton. A choice made with love to give to our children and that's how we like it!

Cool Bear® thinks it's important that all children can enjoy the responsible Cool Bear® Fruit drinks. Natural, to us, means; nothing fake phony or artificial. Without a care you can give the fruit drinks to your child, knowing that Cool Bear® makes their product with love and care. The Fruit drinks are available in three delicious flavors; Blackberry Apple and Raspberry.