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The Story of Ana Santiago...

What is more beautiful than a child that feels special and appreciated, and like me, dares to dream?

As a little girl I dreamed about life and what my future would look like. You can say I was a dreamer. Early on, this was passed on and taught to me; DARE TO DREAM! As a young couple, my parents moved from Puerto Rico to the United States, hoping to find a piece of the American dream. A life with future opportunities and chances for their children. I am the youngest of five, raised in the United States. A country that to me represents; Dream big, anything is possible.

In the dreams I had in the past, there were never things like lemonade or bears but what was there, was the wish to become the best person I could be. I know what it is like to dream and how it feels to believe in something, even though at first sight, it seems out of reach. My dream is to bring Cool Bear® to life. He is a bear with a big heart for everyone! He finds it important that all children are healthy and strong, that they can do what makes them happy and to use their strengths and inner talents.

My new dream is to inspire kids and to show them that they can dream, therefore the Cool Bear® team works hard for all the dreams of children around the world. That their hearts may be filled with hope and love. Cool Bear® helped me to write a book, so that this way, I can help children to believe in their dreams. The adventures of Cool Bear® and his buddies is a story that was written straight from my heart. I discovered that each heart has a magic door. You must pass through this door to be able to see, to believe and to find strength in all the endless opportunities that life has to offer. Will you join Cool Bear® on his quest for dreams?

Together with Cool Bear® we would like to share our products with you, because everything starts with a healthy dream.

Ana Santiago

Founder of Cool Bear®

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