Give back to the community

We like to give back to the community , this is why we are the sponsor of various charities and children's initiatives. Within the concept, Cool Bear® as a mascot fulfills different roles. As Holland's hero, he has a big heart and is all children's beary best friend. Cool Bear® supports the chosen partners and their charities and children's initiatives by donating Cool Bear® products. Besides this, is Cool Bear® an health inspired product to supports a sporty and healthy lifestyle.


Cool Bear and Vitesse work together!

For years now we are the proud sponsor for Vitesse Kids Club. We contribute to inspire a healthy and sporty lifestyle!

Wednesday, the 16th of March, Vitesse and Cool Bear® sponsored an event especially for the clubs smallest supporters. During the annual Kids Club Day members of the Vitesse Kids Club and visitors had fun at the GelreDome enjoying football activities, a delicious glass of Cool Bear® lemonade, a game of FIFA and of course time was made for signatures and selfies with the heroes from Vitesse. Check out the pictures here and read more!

Stay up to date with our competitions so that you too can walk on the field with the players yourself!

Playing for Success

Playing for Succes - to build more confidence and motivation

Playing for success is an after-school program for kids between 9 and 14 years old. At school, because of reasons of social and emotional nature, sometimes temporarily, things don't go quite as expected. What is inside won't come out. Playing for Success contributes to a better feeling of motivation and confidence. This way, achievements at school will also improve. Together with we want to contribute!

Check out the PlayingforSuccess website here.


Together we support a  happy, healthy, sporty lifestyle

Cool Bear® sponsors the Lint-Wurmpie Run in Utrecht. Lint-Wurmpie is an exercise sports project to motivate kids to be active in a more conscious and easy way. To pass on to kids the positive effects of exercise and healthy nutrition. On Sunday the 29th of May 2016 was the 5th edition of the Lint Wurmpie Run. Children could choose to do the 250m run (3-4) 1 km run (4 -8) and 2 km (6 – 12) Also this year Cool Bear® is there again to support the kids and make sure they all get a nice well-deserved glass of lemonade. The Lint Wurmpie Run is a beary cool experience for the whole family offering a range of activities for the kids!

Check out the clip of the 2016 edition here.


Together with Sanakids!

Sanakids is a school dentist who helps children taking care of their teeth at a young age. They pick up the kids from school for the half-yearly check up and then brings them back to school. Sanakids is part of the Jeugdtandverzorging (Dental care for the young) in Rotterdam and Dordrecht. Together we raise awareness amongst the parents and children of how important good dental care is. Neglecting the baby teeth can also have a lasting effect on the permanent teeth. Together we raise awareness amongst parents, for example Sanakids gives advice on brushing for parents and kids. Together we offer alternatives like Cool Bear® syrup instead of products that contain sugar.

Sugar Kids Club

Cool Bear sponsort VIOD

Football club VI0D (Vooruitgang is ons doel (Progress is our goal-) is an amateurs football club from Doetinchem (Gelderland) Cool Bear sponsors the JO11-1G team! We will introduce you to the guys. Check out the clip hier .

We are beary proud of our boys. They have played a very good season because they won the championship! Congratulations guys, well done!

Sporty Projects

Because we care!

Each year `Give Down A Future' organizes a football tournament where kids with and without Down can play football under the guidance of an enthusiastic celebrity or old pro football players. The goal is to offer the kids an unforgettable day and to show them, in an active way, that they can fit in perfectly in today's society. Also in 2016, we were there.

Click here to check out the picture of the 2016 tournament.