Only the very best for our children

No-nonsense - Common-sense!

0% sugar added!

Beary-delicious and responsible

Common sense children's drinks and health are important for you and your family. A responsible refreshment should also make you feel good! We use only the best ingredients nature has to offer, and this is what makes each Cool Bear® drink so delicious. They contain 0% sugar, aspartame or other artificial sweeteners. You can always rest assured that Cool Bear® drinks are a good & responsible choice for your kids! Now, that's how it should be!

We wish to demonstrate that Cool Bear® products are not only beary-delicious but that drinking our lemonade is a healthy and a sensible choice to make. All the Cool Bear® products are prepared with love and care for young and old, only with natural ingredients.
Now that's what we call 'Made with Love'.

Cool Bear® is made with love

Our range of products comes in lots of shapes & sizes and have no added sugar or artificial ingredients! 100% natural, 0% sugar added

Less than three calorie

Cool Bear® contains pure fruit juices and is not sweetened with artificial sweeteners but with 100 % all-natural pure Stevia (Reb. A 97%) Stevia contains no calories, and this means that our lemonade per glass contains less than 1 calorie and 1 gram of carbohydrates! Therefore, you can give Cool Bear® drinks to your child with a peace of mind! In the meantime, we are expanding our product range considerably. Beside special events you can bump into Cool Bear online, in supermarkets and these days also in the catering industry! This way, you can always and everywhere enjoy a Cool Bear® drink. Also, our Cool Bear® mascot, everybody's bear buddy, can often be found at various locations and events.


100% Goodness

No artificials

Cool Bear loves uNo Aspartame, artificial flavouring, colouring, thickeners

Cool Bear mission


Cool Bear® is not just any bear, he is a bear met a very big heart for everyone! He finds it important that all children can feel loved and appreciated, because everyone matters. Cool Bear inspires children to dare to dream, to do what makes them happy and to use their strengths.

Cool Bear® gives back

When you'e a child, the sky is the limit. You can play care free and you've got endless imagination. One moment you want to become an astronaut and the next a super hero, actor, or a pro football player. Cool Bear® wants to help children make their dreams become a reality, therefore we support different many charities. We sponsor our lemonade to Give Downs A Future, a football tournament where kids with and without Down can play football under the guidance of an enthusiastic celebrity or old pro football players. The goal is to offer the kids an unforgettable day and to show them, in an active way, that they can fit in perfectly in todays society.

We also sponsor `Playing for success an after-school program for kids between 9 and 14 years old. Because of reasons of social and emotional nature, sometimes at school things don' go quite as expected. What is inside won't come out. Playing for Success contributes to a better feeling of motivation and confidence. This way, achievements at school will also improve. Not only do we support various charities but to inspire kids Ana has written stories of Cool Bear® and his friends in a beary fun book! Stay tuned.

There is more to come... !

"We have to teach our kids how to dream with their eyes open." H. Edwards.

Magische Bos


Cool Bear® strives for a better world where good health and feelings of respect and honesty towards each other matter most. As one of our Buddy Club members will you be informed about healthy fun, educational and important subjects. We will also keep you up to date on new competitions and events. For example, we organize a beary fun Kids Buddy Club day, free for all members!

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