Sugar, Sugar & Sugar

Children are consuming 15-20 teaspoons of sugar

Unknowingly our daily sugar consumption is much higher than we are aware of. It should therefore not come as a surprise or news flash that sugar is bad for us and our kids.  Not surprisingly, over 40% of our daily sugar consumption comes from sodas and fruit juices. Numbers don't lie, especially when we talk about kids. Children ages 6-11 consume daily an average of 3 glasses of sodas. To put this into perspective, per day children are consuming 15-20 teaspoons of sugar, 600% more than necessary! Even if the effects of sugar overload don't seem immediately obvious now, they can hurt our child's health later. Too much sugar can contribute to obesity and can cause serious tooth decay and cavities. Avoiding sugar can be very challenging but what can we offer our children as an healthy alternative?

Kids and Sugar

Healthy Alternatives 

Young children require five to seven cups of fluid a day - the difficult part is getting them to drink the right fluids. Cool Bear® offers a healthy and delicious alternative and  is a responsible alternative! Cool Bear® products are made with lots of  love and care for children and adults. We never add sugar, or anything weird like artificial colourings, thickener, aspartame or any other artificial additives. Cool Bear® is 100% natural!

Cool Bear drinks