What experts say about Cool Bear®

Cool Bear®, the perfect alternative

Joke de Vrieze

Dentist Joke de Vrieze,

Arnhem, the Netherlands

"Stevia is known for 'not' being harmful to our teeth."

"As a dentist I treat patients with (severe) gum problems and children who have a high risk for getting cavities. In recent years tooth decay and cavities among children and adolescents have been increased. The main cause is the increased intake of sugars, unnecessary additives and the frequency per day. Unfortunately, there is a lot of misleading advertising and misleading information on the labelling and packaging. We are misled to believe there are only "good" sugars or added sugars in the product, but far too often there are many (hidden) sugars in the product, which are linked to various health risks. Cool Bear® is sweetened with pure Stevia (Reb. A 97%) and has no hidden sugars or artificial additives. Stevia is known for 'not' being harmful to our teeth and the reason I recommend Cool Bear® to all my patients." 

Fieke Uleman

Dietitian Diabetes Fieke Uleman,

 Haagelanden, The Netherlands

"Cool Bear® is refreshing, sweet and pure"

"Cool Bear® products are sweetened by Stevia, which is made from the leaf of the Stevia plant, thus completely natural. In addition to many studies, this natural sweetener has been used for centuries in South America and over 40 years commercially in Japan. One of the advantages of Stevia is it does not contribute calories or carbohydrates and does not affect blood glucose or insulin response, which allows people with diabetes to enjoy Cool Bear® worry free! Cool Bear® is a perfect alternative for people who are conscience about their energy intake, are diabetic and for those who like to keep their teeth healthy. Additionally to delicious lemonade you can also make refreshing cocktails, fruity ice creams and even add a drop to your milk!"

Sharona Verrips

Dentist Sharona Verrips,

Zuidhorn, The Netherlands

"A perfect alternative for sugar rich drinks"

"Soft drinks are commonly served to kids, but they have no nutritional value and are high in sugar, which can cause serious tooth decay. My advice to parents is to reduce sugar rich drinks. I do understand kids prefer sweet drinks over water and tea. Cool Bear® is a great alternative for one who wishes to have something sweet and healthy at the same time! Besides lemonade, you can use Cool Bear® to make ice cream and cookies. On the Cool Bear® website you can find tips and fun delicious recipes!"

Sjuul Coopmans

Child Nutrition Specialist & Coach Sjuul Coopmans,

Utrecht, The Netherlands

"Helps you to maintain a healthy weight"

"In my profession as a child food coach, I am very happy about Cool Bear®. It is a welcome change of water and kids love it, especially ice cold! The lemonade can also be used in yogurt, smoothies and even as sweetener of warm dishes,  I often hear creative, fun and delicious variations. Fortunately, parents also realise sodas and lemonades are basically liquid candy, because 5 sugar cubes per glass is no exception. By replacing sodas, juices and sugary lemonades with Cool Bear® products, it helps kids to maintain (or achieve) a healthy weight!"

Monique van der Vloed

Monique van der Vloed

Dietician, Natural Food Nutritionalist and Food Expert

"Everyone deserves to enjoy the Cool Bear® products"

Monique is a Dietician, Natural Food Nutritionalist and Food Expert and a friend who uses our syrup in many of her recipes and recommends our products

"I am a huge fan of Cool Bear® and  I am really happy that Ana Santiago, founder of Cool Bear® created a sugar free and child friendly product. Everyone deserves to enjoy this beautiful product! I would recommend Cool Bear® to everyone."