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  • Cool Bear only uses 100% natural ingredients
  • Cool Bear only uses 100% natural ingredients
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About Us

Meet Ana Santiago

Ana Santiago, founder of Cool Bear

Story of Ana Santiago

Dare to dream

What is more beautiful than a child that feels special and appreciated, and like me, dares to dream?

As a little girl I dreamed about life and what my future would look like. You can say I was a dreamer. Early on, this was passed on and taught to me; DARE TO DREAM! As a young couple, my parents moved from Puerto Rico to the United States, hoping to find a piece of the American dream. A life with future opportunities and chances for their children. I am the youngest of five, raised in the United States. A country that to me represents; Dream big, anything is possible.

About Cool Bear®

Every Body is Some Buddy

Common sense children's drinks and health are important for you and your family. A responsible refreshment should also make you feel good! We use only the best ingredients nature has to offer, and this is what makes each Cool Bear® drink so delicious. They contain 0% sugar, aspartame or other artificial sweeteners. You can always rest assured that Cool Bear® drinks are a good & responsible choice for your kids! Now, that's how it should be!

We wish to demonstrate that Cool Bear® products are not only beary-delicious but that drinking our lemonade is a healthy and a sensible choice to make. All the Cool Bear® products are prepared with love and care for young and old, only with natural ingredients.


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100% Natural

0% Sugar added

Love is the secret ingredient of Cool Bear!

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